Hello! This weekend I took some time to visit ol’ San Francisco for the purpose of attending the Alternative Press Expo, or APE.
It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of comics and met a lot of cool people, including, but not limited to:

Kate Beaton, one of the people I aspire to be like. Not only does she draw super funny and witty comics, she is also extremely nice and despite being there signing books for hours, she was still willing to draw a picture of Liszt in my book. ^^

The team behind Frederick the Great, a comic that is so full of G&S references that even I can’t catch them all. Crazy historical fiction comic mayhem aside, these two gentlemen were really nice and awesome and I very much enjoyed talking to them. They were also kind enough to mention me on their website! So, hello to anyone coming from there!

I picked up the first volume of Sorcery 101, a comic I’d been wanting to read, but yet wanted to wait until I had a hard-copy version–with good reason, as it’s a page-turner, and I wish they had more volumes out.

I also picked up Space Trawler on recommendation. The author was extremely nice and friendly and it was really cool watching him draw in my book. But…I’m slow and I haven’t read it yet. X_X IT LOOKS REAL NEAT, THOUGH

I also met this guy and picked up one of the books he was selling (which were many!). I must say the man has absolute control over the rainbow.

And I ran into Hellen Jo who is a friend of a friend whose illustrations I just kind of adore. I bought Electric Ant which includes among other things, her artwork on the cover, and a jam comic that my friend Robert Syrett and his friend Calvin Wong. These people are awesome and I am but a worrrrrrm in comparison.

Okay, that’s enough shout-outs. It’s time to hit the update button.