Cast (in order of appearance)

Mohei headshot
Mohei Wegsine
Birthday: May 19
Age: 543 (varies)
Height: 6’1"
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Orange
Race: Demon (clan Weig)
Favourite food: Meat
Distinguishing features: Weig tattoo, hair loopies
Mohei is a demon from the clan Weig. He is wild and unpredictable, stubborn and quick to anger as a result of his upbringing. He is also lonely, clingy, and starved for attention. Maybe hurting people really isn’t in his character.
He lost control of himself because he couldn’t find a connection with the people around him. He went crazy and killed everything he saw while living in a cave in the mountains for hundreds of years. He was urged out of his stupor by Freg, and quickly regained his senses and tenuously started exploring the new life that Freg set out for him.

Moreyih headshot
Birthday: August 2nd
Age: ?? (deceased)
Height: 6’2"
Hair: red
Eyes: red
Race: demon (clan: Farafen)
Favourite Food: candy ginger
Distinguishing features: multiple piercings, none on the ear
The charasmatic leader of the Farafen clan, a group that dwindled down to only four members before finally being exterminated entirely. He was very old and powerful, and knew many secrets about the history of the demon race, but now he is gone.

Shatan headshot
Birthday: August 20
Age: ?? (deceased)
Height: 5’7″
Hair: strawberry blonde, purple ends
Eyes: yellow-orange
Race: demon (clan: Farafen)
Favourite Food: sugared beef
Distinguishing features: two-colour hair, strong, manly features
Shatan loves money and treasure. She dislikes useless things, and doesn’t think much of Mohei, because doesn’t have the appetite for treasure. She does enjoy making fun of him, though. She tends to say “eh” at the end of her sentences a lot.

Nadeshk headshot
Birthday: September 14
Age: ?? (deceased)
Height: 5’9″
Hair: light blond
Eyes: ??
Race: demon (clan: Farafen)
Favourite Food: string beans
Distinguishing features: always wears goggles
Nadeshk is a pretty laid-back guy, and considers everything from a very removed point of view. He understands how Mohei does not belong in the Farafen clan. He also tends to say “eh” a lot due to the fact that he talks to Shatan all the time. She’s probably his best friend, and she’s the only one who has seen behind his goggles.

Ravon headshot
Birthday: June 29
Age: ?? (deceased)
Height: 6’3″
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Race: demon (clan: Farafen)
Favourite Food: oranges
Distinguishing features: very muscular, likes to go around shirtless
Ravon is fun-loving and is pals with Yure, even though Yure doesn’t talk to him much. They spend a lot of time outside together and therefore look very weathered. He also takes the occasional pass at Mohei, though he’s not very concerned with him because he’s so young.

Yure headshot
Birthday: June 15
Age: ?? (deceased)
Height: 5′
Hair: mousy brown
Eyes: light brown
Race: demon (clan: Farafen)
Favourite Food: apricot
Distinguishing features: very short, often covers her face
Yure is kind of silent, and only talks to Moreyih, to whom she is closest. She spends a lot of time outside in the desert, and is very connected to nature in that way. The desert is very harsh and severe, and she very much inherited those attributes to her personality. She cares very deeply about Moreyih, though.

Alicia headshot
Birthday: February 1st
Age: (deceased)
Height: 5’4″
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Race: human
Favourite Food: bread products
Distinguishing features: wears a bandana sometimes
She’s the first person to really be nice to Mohei, as well as Mohei’s first love. She had a son by another man, and later she died of illness. Mohei watched over her family line, but couldn’t stand the brevity of life, especially after the tragedy of her death sank in, and he finally snapped and killed everyone around just to feel like he had control.
All similarities there may be between her and anyone in real life are purely cooincidental.

Freg headshot
Freg Lanolast
Birthday: October 23rd
Age: 317
Height: 5’9″
Hair: matte black
Eyes: light blue
Race: Elf
Favourite food: green apples
Distinguishing features: Permanent wrinkle above left eyebrow
He is cold and mean. Death and killing people don’t seem to really bother him. Has high ambitions and expectations, but also a conscience, if only a small one. He is very theatrical with whatever he does and tends to not offer excuses for his behavior.
He thinks of himself as a “bad guy” and bases his behavior around that concept. Pretty much his whole personality works around his own self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s up in the air whether or not he can change his perception of himself or not.

Kae Mokoro
Kae Mokoro
Birthday: November 12th
Age: 91
Height: 6’0″
Hair: blond, glossy black
Eyes: green
Race: Elf (rank: Regent)
Favourite Food: salmon
Distinguishing features: two-colour hair
Kae acts with a lot of care and consideration. He’s not one for rash acts or rash thoughts. He thinks about others almost exclusively, and that’s why he hires Freg to work for him to find a cure illness throughout the Empire. His hair changed colour because he tried one of Freg’s more dangerous antidotes on himself.

Raegstaff headshot
Birthday: September 5th
Age: 42
Height: 5’10″
Hair: blue
Eyes: brown
Race: human
Favourite Food: sandwiches
Distinguishing features: glasses, scowling face
Raegstaff is a mysterious man who likes to work behind the scenes. He’s very goal-oriented, but is also patient and moves at his own pace. Freg’s antics do nothing to annoy him as long as he gets what he desires in the end. He’s also very rich.

Sersky headshot
Birthday: June 1
Age: 1
Height: 5’8″
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown (?)
Race: –
Favourite Food: –
Distinguishing features: skinny, flat, wears goggles
Sersky is an automaton who works for Reigstaff. He calls her his “secretary.” She has notoriously bad eyesight. When she first meets Freg in person, she can’t tell if he’s there with someone else or not. She regards her master with high esteem, maybe because he’s the only one who doesn’t get angry with the way she was programmed to speak.

Noream headshot
Leibius Noream
Birthday: November 22nd
Age: 87
Height: 6’0″
Hair: green
Eyes: green-grey
Race: Elf (rank: Senator)
Favourite Food: grapes
Distinguishing features: permanent wrinkle on right eyebrow
Noream takes his job very seriously, and is always thinking of ways he can uplhold the honor of his people. He feels compelled to interfere when his sense of justice tells him something is wrong. At the worst of times, he is self-righteous, and at the best of times, he apologizes for his self-righteousness.