Fanart from Apathyartist
Apathyartist is a close friend of mine, whose artwork is, in my opinion, way better! Go make friends with her on Deviantart!
Mohei and Freg

Fanart by Rachel
Rachel is really cool and it turns out she has the most ridiculous DA name ever. She’s also BOSS at drawing Mohei.
Mohei in a water cave

Fanart by Miss Special
Miss Special runs LFF’s sister site, Prophecy Failed! She was so nice as to draw me fanart and the occasional guest comic.
Guest comic
Mohei and Freg

Fanart by Alix
We’re high school buddies and Alix does really awesome art. Unfortunately, she’s so busy and doesn’t often update her DA!
A redesign of Mohei’s outfit by Alix

Fanart by Beck
She’s always supported me and been a good friend. She draws AWESOME fanart, too!
Guest comic involving glitter.
Freg doing some “Gay Magic”
A headshot of Freg

Fanart by Rob
Former coworker and also someone I occasionally drew comics with! He drew me some nice guest comics. He’s like an actual artist–I’m not kidding! Check out the stuff he posts on his Flickr.
Guest comic (part 1)
Guest comic (part 2)
Another guest comic

Fanart by Ruth
She’s my older sister who got me into drawing in the first place. Thanks for drawing me fanart, sis!
“Lust for Elves”

I love fanart! Please send me fanart here: mysongforyou@*remove*this* I will try to put the fanart up with a link to your webzone.