Several silly things or other things that I can’t find room for anywhere else.

Excuse pages
These were made to cover a scheduled update if I couldn’t find a guest artist. I couldn’t do a page because I was….
Playing a show
Doing homework
Visiting my sister
Too much to do
Research paper and finals

Minicomic oneshots
Sometimes I did these to cover for pages, or just because I thought they were funny.
Mohei is tired of Freg
Kae takes over
Mohei’s birthday
I play with dolls
I worry about Mohei’s character
I worry about Noream’s face
Freg is old
Mohei talks about personal space
Freg’s hair

Minicomic series
2-parters and more!
Valentines 1
Valentines 2
Christmas 2008 1
Christmas 2008 2
A Very LFF Christmas 1
A Very LFF Christmas 2
A Very LFF Christmas 3
LFF Abridged 1
LFF Abridged 2
LFF Abridged 3
LFF Abridged 4
LFF Abridged 5
LFF Abridged 6
LFF Abridged 7
LFF Abridged 8
LFF Abridged 9

This section is still in development. I will, in future, but up miscellaneous items such as the demon alphabet, banners, old website designs, and even cosplay photos! Just give it time.