Prophecy Failed
The best comic ever and this site’s sister comic.

Other Webcomics, in no Particular Order

Dubious Company
Pirates, ninjas, humour, drawn by my friend
College, drama, humour
White Ninja
Humour, random
Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Science, Math, Romance, you name it
MS Paint Adventures
No words can describe
Awkward Zombie
Videogames, Humour
Toy-collecting, Humour, Drama

Other websites by me

My Deviantart Account
Updated semi-often with anime and videogame fanart or other art projects.
My Y!Gallery Account
Membership at Y!Gallery is strictly for users over 18, but as I have nothing explicit in my gallery, you are free to browse without registering as a member.


Rurouni Madness!
An OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD Rurouni Kenshin shrine that I did for a web design class in high school.
If you can stand the popups, go ahead and see one of the web pages that I made in high school! It’s got a variety of weird stuff, including midis I went and made.